Erik Andersson

Bar Manager at Facit Bar & Galej in Umeå

Hi there Erik, we’re so happy to sit down and have a chat with you! Let’s start with – who is Erik?

I was born in Karlstad about 30 years ago. It was also in Karlstad, at Koriander, that my bar career began. The combination of working with flavours, the esthetics of the bar and meeting new people and getting to create an atmosphere for the guests is what has been my biggest drive.

Another important part is all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know in the industry through the years. Since a couple of years back up until this fall, I’ve lived in Stockholm where I amongst other things ran Cadierbaren at Grand Hôtel. Now I live and work in Umeå as the bar manager at Facit Bar & Galej that opened in December.

How do I as a guest find you and your co-workers at Facit?

Hop on the first best train or plane to Umeå. Once you’re here we’re right in the middle of town next to the town hall square, entrance from Kungsgatan. If it’s a bit of a distance for you to travel, you can always check our Instagram where we continuously update what we’re doing.

What is the idea behind your cocktail menu?

Menu wise we like to play with the good old school days. Every menu has a school subject as a theme. The theme of the first menu was Swedish A where we mixed word comprehension with grammar etc. Eventually we’ll end up with the correct answers (facit in Swedish) of the whole curriculum. Everything we use in the cocktails is produced in Sweden.

What is the best seller on the list, and what are the ingredients?

One of our most popular drinks is the Kosmopolit. A favourite word as well as a flirt to one of my favorite classic cocktails. Sea buckthorn infused Absolut Elyx, crowberries and cold-pressed lingonberries. To finish it’s sprayed with a mix of fruit distillate and sea buckthorn.

How did you end up behind the bar?

My interest in flavors started when I was young, but I also really liked everything esthetic surrounding drinks – the glasses, shakers, bottles and so on. When I was 18, I attended European Bartender School. I had already dipped my toes in the bar industry before that so immediately after graduation I started working and was hooked. That was at Koriander in Karlstad.

What is your favourite bar in the world?

Hmm, that’s a tough one! But I’m no stranger to heading into Boadas in Barcelona for some 10 cl Martinis.

What is your favourite product from Barkonsult?

Jigger Graded is a given classic. That jigger is a constant friend by my side. Apart from that the products from Spriteriet are favourites.

Thank you so much for being a part of our interview series Erik, it’s been fun getting to know you a bit better!

It’s been my pleasure, thanks for having me!