New Era Rocks 260 ml
New Era Rocks 260 ml

New Era Rocks 260 ml

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Vintage charm meets modern innovation


Introducing the rocks glass from Onis' pioneering New Era collection, where vintage charm seamlessly blends with modern innovation. This 26cl tumbler is a statement piece, showcasing the perfect fusion of commercial appeal and elegant design with a touch of vintage flair.


Cutting-edge craftsmanship


The Rocks Glass is the first in the New Era range to be produced using the unique Tulip mold technique. This innovative method ensures a seamless design and uniform embossment, setting a new standard for glassware aesthetics. Each glass is a testament to Onis' commitment to quality and style.

Crafted with Onis Xtratuff treatment, the Rocks Glass boasts unmatched toughness and durability. It's designed to withstand the daily challenges of bustling venues and home use alike. The stackable design adds practicality without compromising on style, making it perfect for both professional settings and home bars.


Easy maintenance


The Rocks Glass is dishwasher safe, ensuring ease of use and maintenance. Its practical design and durable const

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