Cidra Thick Wall Cooler 510 ml

Cidra Thick Wall Cooler 510 ml

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Introducing the Cidra thick wall cooler: where elegance meets practicality


Enhance your bar or restaurant setting with the Cidra Thick Wall Cooler, a glass that perfectly balances style with functionality. Its minimalist design with clean lines ensures it fits seamlessly into any decor while offering a touch of understated sophistication.


Durable and dependable


Made with high-quality materials, the Cidra Thick Wall Cooler features a thick and sturdy construction designed to endure the daily demands of a busy venue. Its robust build not only extends its lifespan but also provides a comfortable heft, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


Designed for convenience


With user-friendliness in mind, this glass cooler offers a comfortable grip and a smooth rim for a pleasing drinking experience. It’s an ideal choice for busy bars and restaurants looking for reliable glassware that combines practicality with an elegant flair.

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