Cidra Thick Wall DOF 330 ml
Cidra Thick Wall DOF 330 ml

Cidra Thick Wall DOF 330 ml

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Introducing the Cidra Thick Wall DOF glass from Onis


Enhance your bar's appeal with understated elegance and durability


Tailored for bar and restaurant owners who appreciate subtlety and functionality, this glass is a perfect blend of minimalism and practical design.


Understated design

The Cidra Thick Wall DOF is crafted with precision, featuring clean, straight lines that bring a quiet sophistication to your drink presentations. Its simple elegance ensures it fits seamlessly into any bar setting, complementing both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Beyond its looks, this glass is built for longevity. The thicker glass walls not only give it a comfortable hold but also enhance its durability, making it suitable for everyday use in busy establishments.


Flexible for various beverages

This glass is an ideal choice for a range of drinks, from sophisticated cocktails to simple spirits on the rocks. Its sturdy build ensures long-lasting clarity and performance, even with frequent use.

Whether you are updating your current barware or outfitting a new venue, the Cidra Thick Wall DOF Glass from Onis is a practical investment. Rely on its quality and subtle design to elevate your guests' experience.


Discover the balance of simplicity and functionality with the Cidra Thick Wall DOF Glass, a must-have for any professional setting.

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