Fortius Wine 300 ml
Fortius Wine 300 ml

Fortius Wine 300 ml

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Discover the elegance of Fortius 30 cl wine glass


Welcome to the world of the Fortius 30 cl wine glass, designed for both everyday use and special moments. This glass strikes a perfect balance between functional design and aesthetic appeal, making it an essential for anyone who enjoys a glass of wine.


Aromas and flavours enhanced


The tulip-shaped bowl of the glass is more than just visually appealing; it's crafted to enrich the aroma and flavour of your wine, elevating your overall tasting experience.


Durable and practical


The Fortius wine glass is designed to feel right at home in your hand, with a shape that’s both easy and comfortable to hold. Tailored for regular use, this glass is robust enough to handle daily life with ease, proving that durability can go hand-in-hand with elegance.

Keeping things simple, the Fortius wine glass is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze and letting you focus more on enjoying your wine.


Enjoy wine effortlessly


The Fortius series is about integrating wine enjoyment into your everyday routine effortlessly. It's the ideal glass for relaxing at home or for adding a touch of class to your events, versatile enough for any day and every occasion.

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