Citric Blend 250 ml
Citric Blend 250 ml

Citric Blend 250 ml

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Citric Blend adds acidity to your drinks and allows you to create cordials & crystal clear drinks in no time. It is the perfect companion for high volume service and pre-batching cocktails. Let us reduce your beverage cost, production time & waste.


Warning! Must be diluted 1+9.




Demineralised water, citric acid, malic acid, fructose, salt, sodium benzoate (preservative).



Blend 1 part (50 ml) Citric Blend + 9 parts (450 ml) water. Add less water if you like your drinks more sour.
Once diluted you can keep your bottle for months and you don't need to refrigerate!



We have removed as much water as possible to keep our packages small & reduce your storage space. Each order comes with a couple of brand stickers to label your bottles. Due to the acidity it is best to use a synthetic cork on your bottles or a screw cap.



Unlike fresh juice, Citric Blend always offers a consistent acidity. By adding a preservative to our blend, we guarantee a longer shelf life for your pre-batched cocktails.



With Citric Blend you can make crystal clear drinks. How cool is that!