Coconut Syrup 70 cl
Coconut Syrup 70 cl

Coconut Syrup 70 cl

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Escape to tropical bliss: elevate your beverages with the exquisite flavour of Monin Coconut syrup


Dive into the exotic world of coconuts, the cherished nut from the coconut palm tree, thriving in over 80 tropical and sub-tropical countries, including the lush landscapes of Indonesia, India, and Thailand. Revered for its indispensability, the coconut palm holds a unique place in many cultures, where its name often signifies its utility from root to frond. This marvel of nature offers an intensely versatile flavor profile that seamlessly complements sweet, bitter, and salty delights, making it a culinary treasure.

But the coconut's allure doesn't stop at the kitchen door. Its oil, a byproduct of this wonder nut, is celebrated in the beauty industry for its superior moisturizing qualities, making it a staple in skincare routines around the globe.


Indulge in a taste of paradise with Monin Coconut syrup. Its rich, authentic flavor is perfect for enhancing cocktails, coffees, smoothies, and fruit punches, transporting you to the serene shade of a coconut palm with just a sip. Elevate your beverages with the essence of the tropics and let the versatile, intense flavor of Monin Coconut syrup whisk you away to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.