Irish Syrup 70 cl
Irish Syrup 70 cl

Irish Syrup 70 cl

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This syrup combines all the subtle flavours of traditional Irish beverages. Similar to Irish Cream, this light brown syrup holds rich hints of whiskey, caramel and cream. 


Irish coffee is a popular after-dinner drink consisting of hot coffee, sugar and whisky topped with thick cream, through which the coffee is drunk.

The story goes that the first Irish coffee was created by Joe Sheridan, head chef at Foynes, County Limerick. He created coffee for a group of American tourists who had just arrived in Ireland on a miserable winter night and added the whiskey to warm them up. When they enquired what it was, Joe Sheridan said it was ‘Irish coffee’.


Perfect for creating non-alcoholic Irish coffees, speciality coffees, dessert cocktails and smoothies, MONIN Irish syrup will add the luck of Irish to your drinks!