Raspberry Tea Syrup 70 cl
Raspberry Tea Syrup 70 cl

Raspberry Tea Syrup 70 cl

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A perfect balance of black tea and raspberry


Experience the perfect balance of the astringency of black tea and the sweet-tart flavour of raspberry with Monin Raspberry Tea Concentrate. This unique blend brings an original and instant twist to your summer drinks. The robust black tea provides a solid foundation, while the refreshing raspberry adds a delightful sweetness.


Versatile and refreshing


Monin Raspberry Tea Concentrate is versatile and ideal for creating a variety of refreshing beverages. Surprise your taste buds with authentic flavours perfect for making astonishing iced teas. Try it in an apple iced tea or mix it with gin and basil for a creative twist.


  • Fruit juice: Contains 41% fruit juice, including 10% raspberry juice.
  • Authentic taste: Made with natural flavourings and pure beet sugar from France.
  • Multi-uses: Ideal for iced teas, martinis, collins, and smoothies.


Discover the delightful blend of Monin Raspberry Tea Concentrate and elevate your drink-making to new heights.