Barkonsult Denmark and Juuls Engros strengthen collaboration to enhance customer experience

We are thrilled to announce a strengthened collaboration aimed at better serving our customers across the Nordic region. This enhanced partnership promises to bring together the strengths and expertise of both companies to provide unparalleled service and quality products to the hospitality industry.

About the companies

Barkonsult has been a leading specialist in bar equipment and glassware since 1984, supplying the hospitality industry in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. With a commitment to providing professionals with the best tools to create fantastic drinks and service experiences, Barkonsult has established itself as a key player in the market.

Juuls Engros is Northern Europe’s premier specialist in quality spirits, primarily operating in Denmark and distributing select brands throughout Europe. Known for their dedication to excellence, Juuls Engros brings a rich portfolio of spirits to the table, enhancing the beverage offerings of their customers.

Strengthening the partnership

Although Barkonsult and Juuls Engros excel in different areas, our shared passion for service and quality makes this collaboration a natural fit. As part of this partnership, Barkonsult Denmark will now serve customers in Denmark with spirit brands from Juuls Engros’ portfolio, which we already supply in Sweden and Norway. Additionally, Juuls Engros will introduce Three Cents sodas to the Danish market, delighting customers with these premium beverages.

Future collaboration and benefits

Looking ahead, we aim to foster closer cooperation in events, activations, and other exciting projects. This strategic partnership will not only enhance the service level provided to our customers but also introduce innovative products and experiences to the market.

“I am extremely proud that we can collaborate with Juuls. We are both passionate about service and quality for our customers, so this collaboration feels natural. We aim to give our customers an even higher level of service going forward, and the collaboration with Juuls strengthens this.”

Mattias Balkefors


Brands and partners

The collaboration includes a range of premium brands such as Merlet, Cotswolds, Lucano, Clairin, Plantation, Few Spirits, Skinos, Luxardo, Aqua de Piedra, Meukow, Waqar, Veritas, and Widow Jane, among others.

Contact information

For more information, please contact:

Mattias Balkefors, Barkonsult