New year, new brand. Libbey Europe will now become ONIS!

Your favourite glassware continues under a new brand called ONIS. You'll recognize all the classic collections from Libbey, but with a brand new logo. The change will be gradual throughout the year, but we'll soon be seeing the new logo on the shelf!

New brand. Same glass.

ONIS is the new brand of two European glassmakers, who brought authenticity and uniqueness to glassmaking. Continuing to design outspoken glassware with a statement to bars, hotels, and restaurants, inspiring professionals to add value to drink creations. All details count when creating that ultimate drinking experience, where the glass is the finishing touch.​

ONIS always has the right glassware. From durable pieces that are practical to use and meet the highest professional standards to iconic classics stylishly fitting all venues, resulting in the perfect serve.​

With ONIS Xtratuff treatment you don’t have to compromise on strength. The treatment applied to the upper part of the glass adds toughness, durability and more resistance to breakages. This is highly convenient for stackable glassware, which needs to be able to deal with the wear and tear of daily life.