About Rinomato

Rinomato is Giancarlo Mancino's line of timeless aperitivi. It includes an artisan Italian aperitivo liqueur (l'Aperitivo Deciso) and white gentian wine (Americano Bianco). Balanced and complex, these products redefine quality in their categories.

Rinomato is a line of premium aperitif products that returns artisan production to highly commercialized Italian aperitif categories. The brand takes its name from an Italian adjective used to indicate an object of distinction, something that commands respect from even the most discerning critics. The brand's distinct aromas, intense palate, and luxurious mouth-feel are achieved by careful selection of ingredients, just-in-time crushing of botanicals on the production line, and a sophisticated extraction, blending and filtration process. This unfaltering commitment to quality and the 'old ways' means every product under the Rinomato brand stands up to the highest degree of scrutiny.

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